The Top 5 Radio Presenters Ever

Ever since radio became hugely popular in the early 1960’s Britain has consistently produced some great radio presenters, both male and female. Before the birth of Radio One in 1967, pirate radio ruled the airwaves and many of the disc jockeys who worked for them later went on to work for the BBC. But who are the best radio presenters of all time? In order to answer this question we complied our own list of DJs who we think are worthy of this accolade.

Tony Blackburn

Tony was the first person ever to be heard on Radio 1. The first track he played was Flowers in the Rain by The Move (featuring Roy Wood), and the rest is history. His much maligned vocal style can still be heard on Radio 2every week on his Golden Hour programme which features all of his favourite dongs from the last four decades. You have to hand it to him, he is still going strong after all these years, and even managed an appearance on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.


John Peel

John Peel is a DJ who has almost iconic status with those who love indie and punk music. During his life he championed many great bands including The Undertones, The Fall, the Smiths, The Sex Pistols, Joy Division and many more. Sadly no longer with us, his dedication to uncovering new talent and giving it the exposure that it deserves makes him one of the greatest of all time in our opinion.

Terry Wogan

Who could be more of a contrast from John Peel then Terry Wogan? He wasn’t groundbreaking and he didn’t discover any great new bands, but is warm, friendly style endeared him to millions of people throughout his career. Wogan made a successful jump onto out TV screen in the 80s and 90s hosting his own chat show as well as Blankety Blank and The Eurovision Song Contest.


Brian Fluff Freeman

One of the original and instantly recognisable voices on your radio from the 60s until his retirement. Fluff was famously parodied by Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse, but as they say, ‘Imitation is the best kind of flattery.’

Kenny Everett

Not only was Kenny Everett a brilliant DJ who played great records, he actually made all of his jingles and comedy skits himself. It is clear to see why his brand of humour was quickly snapped up by the BBC when they commissioned the popular Kenny Everett Television Programme. His groundbreaking style often got him in to difficulty with the authorities, but this rarely ever seemed to bother Kenny. The BBC bio-programme of his life story is a great adaptation and if you haven’t discovered his genius yet, you should give it a watch.