Is Digital Radio The Future?

When analogue TV was finally switched off in the United Kingdom, many traditionalists lamented its passing, although with a huge number of new channels to choose from on digital, there were more people who celebrated. The main problem with digital TV as opposed to the old signal is that the signal is either all or nothing, meaning that when it goes it goes and there is no in between. Luckily these days a bad TV signal is a fairly rare occurrence, but how out radio.

Digital radios are becoming more and more popular every years, with many of us already converted to this new technology. It is certainly true that as with TV, the choice of radio stations that you get on digital is way more than you get with an analogue signal. This means that where ever you are in the world, you can listen to specialist stations and local station which it would have previously been impossible to tune into.

digital radio

Another plus when it comes to digital is the variety of different devices which you can listen to it on. If you have satellite TV, you already have a huge number of stations to go through, and there is sure to be one that plays your favourite music. You can also tune in on a laptop or smartphone, so listening on the go has never been easier.

The question is, how popular are dedicated digital radios with all these other alternatives available? If you tune in to Ken Bruce on radio two each morning, you could be forgiven for thinking that he has an endless supply of digital radios, as he gives one away each day to the winner of the Pop Master quiz.

You can not deny that some of these radio sets are very well designed and make a nice addition to the home, for some the high price may not be justified. It has to be said that they are luxury items that are not essential for the home, although if you have a few hundred pounds burning a hole in your pocket, you may well want to treat yourself to one.

It is early days for the digital radio, but it is on;y a matter of time before the analogue signal will sadly be turned off. It may not be for years to come, but at some point in the next decade, moves will be made towards it, and the price of digital radios will have to come down, so that everybody can afford one.